Funder and dates: Horizon 2020 EU funding, November 2016 – October 2019
Collaborators/partners: Collaboration between 6 European partners and Turkey. The project involves Institut d’elevage and INRA (France), Teagasc (Ireland), Neiker (Spain), AGRIS (Sardinia, Italy), Banat U (Romania), and Togun (Turkey), as well as SRUC.  


Abstract/brief outline

SheepNet is a thematic network project designed to develop and promote innovation to improve sheep productivity (number of lambs weaned/ewe mated). An important part of this project is to improve lamb survival, a critical component of animal welfare on sheep farms. The study will work holistically to develop strategies to promote the sustainability of sheep farming, whilst protecting sheep welfare. SheepNet will establish an international network of researchers, farmers and advisors, to share national and international knowledge to achieve these goals. The study will also involve European Agriculture knowledge and Innovation Systems. To maximize impact and ensure a wide coverage of different farming systems, SheepNet will bring together six main sheep producing EU countries, plus Turkey, and Australia, New Zealand, and any relevant EU network.

The project aims to:

  • produce a scientific, technical and practical ‘knowledge reservoir’ through a combined "top-down and bottom-up" approach with the involvement of 45 innovative farms;
  • foster cross-fertilization through multi-actors workshops at national and international levels, a broad and interactive participation of the "sheep community" via social networks and an interactive platform;
  • develop an easily understandable support package of communication and learning material, web-based tools, interactive platform, designed to help both scientists and stakeholders and a strong interactions with the EIP AGRI Service Point will guarantee long-lasting and wide accessibility of the SheepNet results.

Project Outcomes

This project has just begun. More information on activities and outcomes will be posted when these become available.






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