Funder and dates: Vencomatic Group, 2016 - ongoing
Collaborators/partners: SRUC 

Abstract/brief outline

There are many welfare concerns throughout broiler breeder production. As the birds come into lay, some of the more serious welfare issues are feather pecking and cannibalism which can lead to injury and death, and male-to-female aggression which can also lead to injury and death of the females.

Vencomatic have designed a novel housing system, which is similar to a very large furnished cage, for broiler breeders which they think will help improve these welfare issues. SRUC have been approached to provide an independent assessment using measures established in the Welfare Quality: Assessment protocol for poultry document and will use these measures to compare the new system (Veranda system) to the standard barn broiler breeder production systems.


Project Outcomes

We are still in the process of collecting data for this project. The intended outcomes are Welfare Quality Assessments for the new Veranda housing system and the standard barn production system as well as a comparison between the 2 systems. 



Welfare Quality: Assessment protocol for poultry

Vencomatic Veranda Broiler Breeder System

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