Major ISAE awards won by SRUC scientists

We are delighted to announce that SRUC has had an exceptional year for prizes by winning all the major awards offered by the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) in 2017. The awards are given at the society’s international congress held annually, which this year was in the beautiful city of Aarhus in Denmark. ISAE offers two main awards each year: the New Investigator award awarded to candidates who have demonstrated scientific excellence and exceptional aptitude early in their careers; and the Creativity Award for nominees who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and contributed research/methods/concepts that have had a significant impact on the field of applied ethology. This year the New Investigator award was won by our own Dr Irene Camerlink, and the Creativity award by Prof Francoise Wemelsfelder. In addition, the society occasionally awards Honorary Fellowships to members that have made an exceptional lifetime contribution to the society and applied ethology. This year this award was made to Prof Alistair Lawrence for his long standing contribution to applied ethology research, ISAE, and the MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare.  

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