1. Tackling Dangerous Dog Legislation
  2. Animal Welfare Science for Veterinarians Workshop in Philippines
  3. JMICAWE Vet Nurse Hayley Walters receives MBE in New Year's Honours List
  4. Human behaviour change for animal welfare
  5. Cows, welfare and farming in India
  6. World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare, HangZhao, China
  7. JMICAWE contributes to WSAVA Animal Welfare guidelines
  8. First UK Bear husbandry workshop a success
  9. Celebrating Success in Animal Welfare on World Animal Day
  10. DMZAA incorporates module on animal welfare and ethics developed by JMICAWE
  11. Major ISAE awards won by SRUC scientists
  12. Researchers receive award from Humane Slaughter Association
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