I graduated in 2006 with a BSc in Ecology & Biodiversity in Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. Being interested in animal study, I was then offered a scholarship by the Malaysia government to undertake an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare course in University of Edinburgh (2007/2008). After five years teaching Animal Behaviour subject in one of the public universities in Malaysia, I returned to the UK in 2013 to continue my PhD in SRUC also focusing on applied animal behaviour study. My PhD project aims to look at the impact of different housing condition on the behaviour & physiology of ewes during gestation, during lambing and during lactation on the field. The interaction between the ewes and their lambs is the main focus of this project. My research interests include using non-invasive method in assessing stress in sheep, as well as to develop better understanding on how stressful events can have an impact on the mother-off spring relationship since it is known a large proportion of lamb mortality during the first week of parturition is caused by lack of maternal care by the ewes.


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