I graduated from Technical University of Lisbon, Veterinary Medicine Faculty in 2009. As a veterinary student, I developed a strong interest in animal behaviour which later lead me to undertake an MSc in Clinical Animal behaviour at the University of Lincoln, including a research project entitled: A preliminary trial on gaze following in a new species of reptiles, the bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps). After graduating in 2013 with an MSc, I started a PhD exploring the impact of prenatal stress in the offspring of sheep. This PhD is funded through a joint partnership between the University of Nottingham and SRUC. The aim of my project is to assess the effect of prenatal stress in the lamb during the early stages of its life, both at a behavioural and epigenetic levels. My current research interests include understanding the role of housing systems as a possible source of stress for pregnant sheep and how that affects the offspring behaviour in normal and stressful situations.


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