I manage the Welfare Biomarkers Laboratory at SRUC which specialises in developing new assays to complement the research of the Animal Behaviour & Welfare Team. The aim and philosophy of the lab is to integrate physiological measurements into mainstream animal welfare research. We are also working on identifying and validating non-invasive markers. We have expertise in a range of techniques including: cytokines, glucocorticoids, ELISAs, molecular techniques (DNA/RNA extraction, endpoint & rt-PCR). We deal with a number of different farm species, including sheep, goats, turkeys, horses, donkeys and pigs. We are primarily a research lab however we also perform analysis of samples on request. I am also IOSH Managing Safely certified and am the Animal & veterinary sciences group representative for H&S and Quality Assurance. If you would like to discuss development or validation of physiological assays, please get in touch.


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