At SRUC Fritha Langford has mainly been working in the area of Dairy Cow behaviour and welfare. She worked on the large-scale DEFRA-funded project that compared cows from organic dairy farms with those from matched Non-organic (conventional) dairy farms. This project involved gathering and analysing large amounts of on-farm data (lameness and body condition scoring cattle; detailed building audits of cow accommodation; and behavioural observations of cow time budgets) carrying out surveys with the farmers and assessing health data from national records. Fritha has run a project to specifically address the potential social behaviour issues associated with continuous housing of dairy cows in a second DEFRA-funded project. She has carried out stochastic modelling and written a report for Dairy Co on the issues surrounding the culling of dairy cattle. Fritha has also been working on a multi-disciplinary project to promote a ‘duty of care’ among children and young people to animals, focusing on the production of materials to teach primary-age children about animal needs, with an emphasis on the scientific evaluation of the success of such materials. Fritha is also passionate about promoting animal welfare education. She has been involved with the University of Edinburgh MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare for many years and is now Programme Director for the International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law MSc.


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