Senior research scientist with over 15 years field and laboratory based post-doctoral research experience undertaking and leading veterinary research studies on the neurobiology of stress and pain in farm species (primarily pigs and poultry). Main areas of research expertise are in understanding 1) the long-term effects of prenatal stress and early life tissue trauma on nociceptive (pain) processing; 2) the molecular basis of spontaneously induced (idiopathic) myopathy (muscle damage) in domesticated species; 3) the role of genetic selection on genotype disease resistance/susceptibility. One of my most recent research project FareWellDock is a large EU collaboration that aims to characterize the risks associated with tail docking and tail biting in pigs and develop strategies that decrease tail biting risk through environment enrichment and better early warning tools to help farmers stop tail docking. The aim of the work carried out at SRUC is to characterize traumatic neuroma development in tail docked pigs and assess consequences of tail docking on long-term pain sensitivity. Another recently funded collaborative research project by the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) aims to identify molecular markers in blood and joint tissues in pigs affected by degenerative joint disease.


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