belinda vigors


Belinda first turned her passion into a profession by completing a degree in Equine Business. After a time working in the equine industry, she decided to focus more on the business and management side of things, completing an Honours Degree in Business. This led her into a very different environment, working in banking for a brief period before becoming a recruitment consultant. It was here her interest in human behaviour, motivation and decision-making was sparked. This led her to complete an MSc in Human Resource Management, where her research explored how pay incentives impact intrinsic motivation. Still left feeling unsatisfied, and that there was more to ‘know’, she pursued a PhD in Behavioural Science (completed 2017), which focused on the impact of cognitive perception, distinct emotions and pay incentives on risk-taking behaviour. As an interdisciplinary researcher, she enjoys pulling together knowledge from different social science fields such as; judgement and decision-making, evolutionary psychology, emotion and sociology. She is also a keen advocate for the use of qualitative methods, particularly narrative interviewing, to uncover how social actors understand and construct phenomena. At SRUC, she works as a social scientist, exploring how different societal groups perceive and frame positive animal welfare. As an animal lover, a dairy farmer’s daughter and an ever-curious researcher of human perception and understanding, it is a role she relishes.

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